Cream Powder
Bubble Tea Milk Tea
2.2 Pounds

Coconut<br> Cream Powder<br>Bubble Tea Milk Tea<br>2.2 Pounds
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**Bubble Tea Recipe :Bubble Tea Ice Milk Tea-- Coconut Milk Tea
  • For 24 ounce (700 CC) cup
  • Flavor Coconut Cream Powder 50 gram put in shake cup
  • Hot water 5 ounce put in shake cup stir in bubble tea powder
  • Put ice 16 ounce into shake cup
  • Put fructose sugar 1 ounce into shake cup
  • Put your own cold black tea or green tea (a little bit) into shake cup and shake it
  • Put the boba tapioca, flavor jelly or pudding in bubble tea milk tea then enjoy

**Bubble Tea Tip:
  • If you do not have fructose, please use brown sugar or white sugar mix with hot water and bubble tea powder. Make sure your hot water is very hot, because you do not want to have the powder taste.

**Item Information:
  • Package(one bag): 2.2 pounds, serve about 20 cups 24 ounce, or 30 cups 16 ounce bubble tea milk tea
  • Bubble Tea Ingredient: non-daily cream, coconut powder, nature flavor, glucose, FD&C color, sugar
  • Manufactured: product of Taiwan

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